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Stripping & Waxing Services Miami
Office building floors in the Miami Dade metro area definitely take a beating with all the heat and humidity due to the extreme weather, as well as the pounding of hard soled shoes and high heels of business men and women coming and going all day. In a majority of cases, complete floor stripping and waxing by Ronny Mass Cleaning Service is the only remedy for floors that have been scratched up, scuffed up, and damaged by all the foot traffic they experience on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, repairing a floor that is less than gleaming may be quite a challenge, especially for those individuals who are not familiar with the task. As a result of these challenges, a lot of businesses turn to the services of a floor waxing and cleaning company to meet their needs.

Ronny Mass Cleaning offers incomparable stripping and waxing services in Miami Dade. We can restore your floors to their original splendor as well as protect them from future damage.